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Cobblestone Jazz//Mathew Jonson



Built on a love of analogue instruments, Canadian four-piece Cobblestone Jazz explores minimal dance music and deep house with a free form jazz-like ethic to create a sound that is intricate and refined. Being at a Cobblestone Jazz live performance is like experiencing a living, breathing creation, free from formula and full of possibility! Fresh off their tour of Australia to promote their new album “The Deep Left Quartet” released in 2010, Cobblestone Jazz is all set to perform at the Skyye Lounge in Bangalore on 25th February 2011.

Over the years Cobblestone Jazz has received critical acclaim for their numerous releases and live shows. The albums and singles regularly feature on international TOP50 charts. They’ve toured the globe incessantly over the last few years, performed at festivals from Fabric in London to the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland. With Mathew Jonson in tow, live performances by Cobblestone Jazz are often referred to as a master class in mixing, a preview of the future of electronic music!



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