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Cobblestone Jazz- Influences

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While in conversation with Mathew Jonson we got talking about the music that inspires a world class act like Cobblestone Jazz. “We listen to everything” he told us emphatically. “Jazz, Classical, Rock, Bossa Nova, Funk, Soul, Dub you name it!” We were curious to know about the music that influenced Mathew Jonson in his formative years. The greats that led him down the path of innovation and discovery that he is credited with today. “The way that Herbie Hancock and Miles Davis incorporated synthesizers into there work was really inspiring for me in the 80's.  Aside from that I personally drew most of my inspiration from Hip Hop and Rap.”

“Listen to Herbie Hancock – Rockit. “ He tells us very seriously. “I think that was the song that was the beginning for me.  I heard it once watching a break-dance competition and didn't know what it was but had it stuck in my head for years!” Mathew was visibly beginning to warm to the topic and we were only too glad to be taking notes from a master craftsman so we encouraged him to go on. “I think listening to early Derrick May, Richie Hawtin, and Jeff Mills dj were what really hooked me as far as listening to really innovative djs. Tyger Dhula was actually the promoter who brought in Derrick May to play and that show changed my life!” As ecstatic as we were to be basking in this exclusive one-on-one time with Mathew Jonson, we realised that we had been at it for quite a while. (Read our interview with him here) So we decided to let him go back to exploring the country and getting to know his audience better. We couldn’t resist asking him one last question though.

What are the 5 tracks that you always have on your playlist? He smiled- it was obviously a no brainer. “Miles Davis – Kind of Blue and John Coltrane – A Love Supreme – both albums I started listening to again quite a bit.  Also Keith Jarrett Solo Concerts: Bremen & Lausanne have gotten lots of play in my studio in between breaks.”“As for new stuff one really cool producer right now is D Bridge.  He is making some really fresh drum and bass like music.  I also really like the music Deadbeat is making lately and also check the new B Class Band – Movie T album coming out on Wagon Repair.” With a smile and a wink he was gone. The more we got to know Mathew the more excited we got about the show on Friday. Now only a day away we are all set to get together with other Hennessy Artistry fans and friends and flow with Cobblestone Jazz and the Bhavishyavani Crew at Skyee Lounge- Bangalore. See you there!