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FUNCinternational’s Scandalous Seven


FUNCinternational’s massive beats are oh so very popular.

Hennessy Artistry India raids his CDs to find more of his favorites!

Your Lover Track:  Fahrenheit  Fair Enough – Telefon Tel Aviv

Favourite KVLT track: Suck My Kiss – Red Hot Chili Peppers

The one track that never leaves your iPod/Playlist: Get Up I Feel Like a Sex Machine – James Brown. Watch it here!

If you had to make one track your ringtone it would be: Reign in Blood – Slayer. Click here for the Official Video

Your most favourite track from the 80′s: Big in Japan – Alphaville

If you had to wake up to one track in the morning it would be? Groove is in the Heart – Dee Lite

The track that would be the soundtrack to your life: My Way - Frank Sinatra


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