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FUNCinternational – The Interview



Chatting with Randolf Correia of FUNCinternational is always an inspiring experience. His passion is unmatched and wit infectious. Hennessy Artistry India sat down with Randolf to pick his brain and figure what makes him tick!

"You can communicate with anyone through sound and lyrics.", Randolf chimes when we ask him his favourite thing about music. Its what makes the world closer and the people smile, what more can one ask for?

How was FUNCinternational born we ask him and to that he replies, " If I was to call myself a musician I figured I should be doing this everyday whether it is a job or not. So I started to put down my ideas, beats, riffs, and lyrics. Naming the act was easy. FUNC for me is Function and since I was working towards an international sound with no boundaries or specific genre, we have FUNCinternational.

What about your collaborations with different artists each show? Randolf pipes in and remarks, "Well, most of the time I call on friends who are already on the same page as what I am doing. Therefore collaborating with them is very easy. "

Being a part of two of the most successful acts India has seen thus far; Randolf adds, that this is just the beginning, the future for Indian Indie is very very bright and the only way we have to go is up! 

Where do we see FUNC next? More shows, and much more music! With FUNCinternational, Pentagram and Shaair + Func. Keep watching this space for more!



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