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FUNCinternational – A Profile



Having been a guitarist for Pentagram and producer/guitarist for Shaair + Func Randolf Correia has been at the top of his game through out his career as a musician in India.

Graduating with a Fine Arts degree in the 90's, Randolf has released 3 studio albums with his elctro-rock outfit Pentagram. One of the first Indian bands to perform in Europe, Pentagram still remains at the top of their game almost two decades since they came together through humble beginnings.

After releasing two albums simultaneously with Bombay Black, Randolf started Shaair + Func  with Monica Dogra another hugely successful venture. Since their inception in 2006 Shaair + Func have released 3 studio albums.

It seems all good things come in threes! As FUNCinternational Randolf released 3 albums titled Dubba, Anger not Negative and Mushroom Maratha.

His passion for DJ-ing extends beyond his music as he just loves to show of his music collection! 

Randolf is currently working on Pentagram's next release "Bloodywood" aimed at a release in January 2011.




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