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B.R.E.E.D is the epitome of self-manufactured expression. His expressionistic and diverse sounds are manifested in music systems like no other. Long before any DJ from India went international, Ritesh D’Souza (aka B.R.E.E.D and DJ Nasha), decided to pitch his tent in the creative communities of underground dance movements.

B.R.E.E.D, who is otherwise known as the dynamic DJ Nasha, (two-time DMC Champion, India), uses the art of turntablism, controllers, FX processors, samplers, and alternative production concepts to mis-align dance floors. Experimentation and an open mind have carried this artist beyond borders, collaborating with various collectives in New York City, San Francisco and London, and thus, continually introducing the latest sounds to his nation. He has performed at several internationally-acclaimed music festivals like Burning Man, (USA), Sunburn (Asia), and Global Groove along with various other international events.

Currently, B.R.E.E.D’s EP is set for release in December 2010. The EP “Misalign the Dance Floor,” wreaks of futuristically exotic sounds which will surely shake the bearings of the world’s dance floor posse. Previously, the B.R.E.E.D. remix of Mirrors, (Jalebee Cartel), which released on HIGH CHAI Recordings, raced to top 10 on the Beatport top 100 Dubstep charts in January 2010. Following this positivity and success, B.R.E.E.D’s “Sound Killer” single, (which includes an original B.R.E.E.D. burner, Sound Killer, and a remix of Come from Yard, Juakali, USA), claimed recognition once again, reaching the top 100 Beatport Dubstep Charts in July and August 2010. The B.R.E.E.D remix of Juakali’s When the Smoke Clears, on Juakali’s “Smoke Clears” EP( Foreign Familiar Records), is releasing on October 29th, 2010. The colossal sounds of each track are apparent in every dimension of B.R.E.E.D’s production and creativity.

After a recent tour across India, and a Commonwealth Games live performance, B.R.E.E.D is immersed in the studio, polishing an archive of tracks which are waiting to be liberated and blown into sound systems worldwide. Working alongside and in partnership, is pianist, and arts/promotions manager for B.R.E.E.D, Tara Humphries, who contributes live piano and keyboard compositions to B.R.E.E.D's production. B.R.E.E.D's latest tracks wreak of futuristically exotic sounds that drive beat and bass to the core. The technique of mixing local flavors, such as Indian street percussion, into his crunchy concoction of massive bass waves is of musical noteworthiness, to say the least.



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