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B.R.E.E.D. – The Interview



We got BREED in a one on one with us to chat about his love for music and where it all began!

What is music to you?

Music is a connection between the inner sentiments of the soul and the outer forms that these sentiments take shape into. Music, as well as any creative art, is created when an artist taps into that deep inner feeling and creates an external product based on that intuitive consciousness. Thus, music takes the form of infinite human feelings that the artist desires to portray such as anger, ambition, happiness, despair, sadness, energy or any other human sentiment.  Music is the release of these sentiments into the outer world where other people can share and experience the artist's sentiments through sound, rhythm and beats thus making a connection between feeling and sound and inner and outer elements.  

What is your concept of the perfect blend in music, collaborations with other musicians, etc?

Ideally, the perfect blend in music takes place when two or more different groups or artists mix diverse forms of music into one single blend. This happens and is only possible when the two groups/artists have a justifiable understanding of music and they are able to see beyond their own familiar genre. For example, if a fidget house DJ and a classical cellist are collaborating their sounds to perform a live performance together, the DJ must be able to recognize how and when to create space for the cellist to showcase the unique qualities and characteristics of the string instrument. Likewise, the cellist must also understand the basic beats and timings of music in general,  in order to play along appropriately with dance music. Therefore, the keys to a successful music collaboration or blending of music is; 1) knowledge of music, (rhythm, beats, scales, compositions, etc.), and 2) respect for all genres of music, and 3) a willingness to look beyond personal familiarities.    

What was your best show?

My "best" show would be my Burning Man Festival performance in Nevada, USA, in 2007 as the setting and crowd at this festival deeply appreciates and advocates for unique artistic expression and creativity, and to me, this is my favorite crowd to perform for.

How has your music evolved over the years?

My music has traveled through a stream of fluid changes in the past 10 years.  I started out as a house and trance DJ at the beginning of my career. The first half of my career, entailed an inquisitive journey in which I ventured through the overpowering demand for commercial music in India.  Finally, I successfully focused on producing the music that spoke to me personally.  My experience with Bollywood and commercial Indian music slowly transformed after my hit track "Flute Fantasy" released on an international label and became a huge hit in India. This track was hugely successful  in mixing Indian classical music elements with my passion for EDM music. From this point onwards, I dabbled with various types of music, continually keeping my eyes on creativity, art and originality.  I have traveled through breakbeat, progressive and tribal house, drum and bass, and more recently through dubstep, glitch, midtempo, fidget house and various forms of undefined innovative experimental music.  I have continued to be more and more experimental in my production with a continuous attempt to explore all of my musical options and reach out to the creative and artistic music scene that I truly enjoy.  I am continuing this journey under the name "B.R.E.E.D," which implies innovative and original forms of creation.  In January 2010, I solidified my B.R.E.E.D venture in the international circuit with my remix track of Jalebee Cartel's "Mirrors," reaching the top 10 on the top 100 dubstep Beatport charts.  From this point onwards, B.R.E.E.D music is spiraling forward with people from all over the world connecting to my new name.

What was your inspiration to become a musician? Tell us your story.

My whole family is into music.  My father was Jerome D'Souza, a famous Konkani music singer and composer.  My mother sang in many of my father's songs and eventually my elder brother and elder sister took part in my father's  music as well. My sister went on to become a successful singer and my brother was in a band and currently manages and co-owns DJ Nasha's Workstation, a DJ academy. So the influence from my family was always apparent in my earlier life. However, I discovered my own place in music as my interest is vastly different from what I had grown up with.  My musical sense in regards to composition, scales, keys, and rhythms was embedded in me from my father, yet my interest in experimental music production and performing in front of a crowd was discovered along my journeys in the Goa trance scene and my travels to London and USA.  I gradually gained more and more knowledge of what I wanted in my music and artistic career as I was exposed to the international appreciation for artistic expression and possibilities.  The more I saw of what is possible in music, and the passion for originality and art, inspired me even more to create my own version of this type of musical appreciation.  Today I am very adamant about following the music that I enjoy and am passionate for, and I refuse to make music according to the "market needs" as this defeats the purpose of music.

How has the switch from mainstream Bollywood to underground independent music been?

The switch from mainstream Bollywood to underground independent music has been uplifting and rewarding for me.  Of course, this shift has also carried some difficulty within it, as it is a shift that is going against the most resourceful parts of the Indian music industry.  In other words, event and music financing in India mostly comes from the commercial music sector.  There are very few venues, events and groups that support, promote or appreciate artists that are "looking outside the box" or are underground and independent.  This aspect is frustrating because there are minimal outlets for unique artists to play their music or showcase unique sounds.   In breaking away into underground music, I have encountered this difficulty. Therefore, I hope to create an avenue where artists like myself can follow their musical desires.  On the other hand, I have been able to maintain a balance where I can showcase my artistic interests yet still play for Bollywood events.  I am doing this by separating my performances into two separate names; DJ Nasha and B.R.E.E.D.  I feel blessed that I am able to do this and I attribute this blessing to the small, yet significant group of people who have supported B.R.E.E.D and thus allowed me to continue to play my music publicly.  I hope to continue this shift while still serving the constant demand for my Bollywood performances.   From a different perspective, one might say that it is not so much about the shift, but about understanding the balance between two diverse musical avenues.  

 What has been the most bizarre experience you've had whilst touring?

One time while I was on tour, my family decided to accompany me.  As there was some confusion while packing prior to my performance, I was forced to wear my wife's pants and my four-year old son's mismatching spiderman socks for the duration of my performance.  Luckily the pants and socks fit properly but it was quite amusing at the time.  

What is the experience you want your audience to have when they walk out of a B.R.E.E.D show?

I hope that the audience which attends a B.R.E.E.D show, leaves the venue with a highly-energized, uplifting and creative sense of how powerful experimental dance music can be for a person, a group, or  a particular music scene.  My hopes during my performances is mostly that the crowd can "lose themselves" in dance manifestations while I play my music.  

 What are the plans for the near future?

As stated, B.R.E.E.D is my most recent creative venture.  Furthermore, I am reaching out to music scenes and artists abroad, specifically in San Francisco, NYC, and the UK, or wherever there is a funky, underground electronic music scene taking place.  Currently I am waiting to see what the future holds, whether my personal life and career will head towards an international location, or whether I should remain in India and help develop the underground scene in India. I have an EP called "Misaligning the Dancefloor" getting ready for release in December 2010, along with a list of artist collaborations, remixes, tours, festivals and fusion acts taking place in India and abroad in the next few months.  



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