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Jean Michel Jarre – The Pioneer of Electronic Music



We all know who discovered gravity, and invented the telephone. But who the hell first created electronic music?

In a tiny corner in France Jean Michel Jarre was doing just that!

This 60-something pioneer of electro-pop, synthpop, ambient and live shows with the help of laser displays, lights, fireworks and just about anything else you can think of, changed the very face of music with his sounds inspiring the author of 2001: A Space Odyssey, to write the sci-fi classic.

Jarre has always adopted the philosophy of mixing in his music, elements of light, sound and other ambient energies to bring together a spectacular visual and aural experience.

Having just finished his first ever world tour in 40 years of creating music, Jarre pushes the boundaries every time.

Making plans to perform on the moon with the help of Richard Branson, no limit is ever enough for Jarre.

His latest adventure are live streamed shows on the internet with a catchy 10-10-10 dated tagline to them.

Sample some of Jarre's most exquisite work here on Hennessy Artistry India.

It's no wonder that this creative genius is the inspiration for our Artistry favourites Makossa & Megablast.




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