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Bandish Projekt – The Interview




Mayur Narvekar aka Bandish Projekt talks to Hennessy exclusively about what makes him tick!

What is Music to you?

Music is a journey each individual goes through in their life. Everyone’s taste is different, everyone’s influences are different but it is the one universal language that everyone can relate to.

Describe your music in one sentence.

Bandish Projekt music is "India's New Music Revolution"

Tell us your story of becoming a musician. When did it all start?

It started at the age of 2 when I started playing the Indian Classical instrument Tabla. I have been training for almost 20 years now, I used to perform classical concerts and from there on it has evolved into more dance influenced beats. My discipline has taken me all over the world. From festivals to clubs, it has been a great experience so far and I am really looking forward to collaborating with other Hennessy Artists from around the world.

How different was it when you began making music?

The sound has evolved over time, The technology has gotten better, The networks are growing all over the world. It's great to see so many people taking an interest in Indian Music and I always think its important to stick to your roots. My foundation has helped me stay versatile in my production and keep the balance between East and West.

What are your views on how India has responded to music like yours?

India is heavily influenced by the bollywood industry, it’s important to respect that, As a youth I grew up listening to a wide variety of sounds, So you will find allot of elements of that in my music. Electronic music is still a growing market in India. It's a really exciting time. It's great to see different producers all over India starting to produce world class beats. This has been one of Bandish Projekt’s goal to promote the latest sounds from around the world In India and help build the awareness of different genres and platforms.




What are the different elements you mix together to get your perfect sound?

I think the word "balance" is important depending on the kind of work I am doing.

What is your take on collaboration musically? How often does it work and if it does then why?

Collaboration is really important and needs to be a nurturing process, its Important the artist is respected and the surroundings and tools are there for it to work. Collaboration needs to be given time and space. We worked on a really great project at the Royal Festival Hall at South Bank Center in London back in April this year, where we collaborated with 3 different artists from England, all with different musical identities. It was a really great experience over 7 days and there was some great work created. All the music you hear was created during the 7 days.

How has your music evolved since you started creating music?

The music has evolved but you will always be able to tell the Bandish Projekt sound from any other.

Where do you see yourself 10 years down the line?

It’s hard to say, over the last 3 year's things have changed so much. There are different ways of Marketing Music. There are a lot of successful "bedroom producers" making great music all over the world. India is becoming it's own network. We are getting hits from all over the world. I feel it's Important to take your work seriously and do your research. We have great support from some of the leading music blogs in the world like , to name a few, I feel in 10 years India could be one of the leaders in Electronic Dance Music.

What is your idea of a perfect show?

My perfect show would be working with different folk artist from different countries singing in their own traditional language and making it come together and bring it to a live stage.