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Bandish Projekt – The Profile



It was the late 90's a time when India was still mulling over crass, stereotyped remixes when Boom!!! There came a phenomenon that forced you to sit up, take notice and really listen. An experiment in sound, a phenomenon way ahead of its time. Born out of the musicality of Mayur Narvekar- composer, producer, Dj, mixer, performer and a very talented musician – the Bandish Projekt was not about grasping the sound of music but appreciating the music of sound. The name came from the Indian classical  music term for composition or 'Bandish' . While 'Projekt' reflects its innate extermination

Mayur Narvekar started dabbling in music at the age of 2! Over the years he trained in Indian classical music and finally dived into the exhilarating world  of percussion. He earned himself an enviable reputation as a talented tabla player, and adoration as a Jazz-Funk drummer. With the Bandish Projekt Mayur uses these roots to bring to his music an inherent sense of maturity and authenticity. All the while his keen ear for sounds & elements in electronica helps Mayur bring a unique unpredictbility to his style.

The Bandish Projekt was one of the firsts to successfully  fuse old time favourites with IDM (Intelligent Dance Music). Even today the music of  Bandish Projekt continues to be a symbiotic conjoining of folk music elements with electronica . On ocassion even classical Indian ragas entwined into trio hop. Starting 2007 Bandish projekt has been part of  festivals & LIVE shows across the country. They've made their mark at gigs in Dubai, UK , Sweden, France, Amsterdam and Australia . International festivals like  the one at  Glastonbury , the Edinburg Fringe Festival, the Sommerszene Festival (Austria), the Melbourne Electronic Festival, the Village India UK, the Incubate Festival and the BBC Asian Network tour have all made it to the Bandish Projekt checklist.

Already the Bandish Projekt seems to have done it all. Starting out with soundtrack productions for commercial cinema, documentaries, club gigs ,concerts for corporate houses they eventually progressed on to Drum 'n Bass sessions for India's best radio stations.The year 2010 marked the release of the new album 'CORREKT' . 2010 was also the year that saw the release of ' Brown Skin Beauty' the new single from Bandish Projekt feat. Last Mango in Paris both were on Bheja fry Records.