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Makossa & Megablast – The Interview




The legendary duo of Makossa aka Marcus Wagner-Lapierre and Megablast aka Sascha Weisz are pumped and ready to perform in India later this month.

Makossa and Megablast hail from Vienna, Austria where the two DJs mastered their art and became the collaborative force they are today. In an exclusive interview with Hennessy Artistry India, M&M as they are fondly known, talk about inspiration, collaborations and their music today.

Listening to your tracks, one can hear a large array of musical influences. Where do these come from?

Makossa and Megablast: We were always open for nearly any kind of music, we have both heard a lot of music & have many different influences. From Kraftwerk to Fela Kuti and Jean Michel Jarre, Dub, early Hip Hop & D+B, House,Techno  we always watch for high quality music & want to send our listeners on a sound journey, we don’t follow any trends, we just do our thing

You have collaborated with various singers and MCs on your tracks, what do they bring to your music? How do you choose them and collaborate with them?

Megablast: Most of our singers are friends and we know each other because music connects us. We like to hang out and do sessions. We try things out without any stress involved. In usual studios time is money and we don`t like that. I believe in miracles as these magical moments with singers or musicians in the studio happen just if everybody is relaxed and comfortable.

What would you describe as a perfect collaboration with Makossa and Megablast?

Megablast: As I usually start with basics and then meet up with Makossa it`s good to have someone with fresh pair of ears and distance to the track. As a producer you get very deep into details of sounds and programming. So it`s important to have another pair of ears listening to the whole package. In between we jam with old analogue gear and record many sessions till we are happy with the result.




Describe one of your most memorable live shows. 

Megablast: Canico Beach, Portugal, private Beach Party, around 300 people diving into music and dancing in an amazing surrounding.

Makossa: We have travelled a lot in the past few years from Brazil, to Mexico, Bali, Japan, China, & America. We have at played beach parties in Portugal with 30 000 people, a 2 week festival tour in Mexico. There are magical moments in every show.  

Have you heard any Indian Electronic Music? What are your views? 

Megablast: As I remember back in the day, there was a track from Apachi Indian called ”Original Nuttah“, a drum and bass track in the 90’s.

Makossa: I remember my first touch with Indian Music was Sheila Chandra back in the 80’s, I’m not so informed about the popular Indian electronic scene nowadays 

What is the next new thing your fans should expect from you? 

Makossa & Megablast: Our last track ”Soy Como Soy“ became a summer hit in Ibiza heavy support from Luciano, Booka Shade, Loco Dice, Dj Hell. So now we are thinking about doing some remixes.

On the other hand we just finished our next 12“ on G-Stone called “Coming Home“ featuring Soul Legend Hubert Tubbs. On this EP we featured the original version and 2 remixes from SKWERL (Gigolo) and Henrik Schwarz.

We are also finishing our 2nd Album, which should be released around spring 2011.

More from Makossa and Megablast as they take a turn for India soon! Watch this space for updates.



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